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Leading the World

Straker Translations are a leading provider of translations services globally, the only ranked in the top 100 translation companies globally by leading translation analysts Common Sense Advisory in 2013.  We do this from our offices here in Ireland at 77 Sir John Rogerson's Quay in 
Dublin.  Don't want to come into the office?  We can do everything for you online.

Due to our unique translation technology, we have the ability to manage your content faster and more efficiently than our competitors and will free up far more of your time and resources for core business. Straker translate over one million words per month, from small 500 word jobs to large ones with over 100,000 words. With our roots as a software company we have developed systems and tools to ensure quality control throughout the translation process.

We really are the industry leaders in Translation services!


Top Quality Translators

At Straker we have a dedicated translator manager who has the job of finding, reviewing, testing, training (on our Transl8 platform) and rating translators. Translators are also scored on every job they complete and tracked for time, efficiency, reliability and accuracy as they work inside our Transl8 platform on projects.


Depending on the project scope we will allocate you translators who have the relevant experience, tone-of-voice skills and are available to meet the timeframe.


Review Services

Translation quality is a key consideration for text representing your product or service.  We offer all levels of reviews of content from light post editing of social media content to fully reviewed (for grammar, context and tone) print ready quality.


Our most popular quality level is a ‘professional’ translation with a review for grammar and spelling. As we have already selected a translator with domain knowledge and a high rating for quality and thoroughness a review by a second translator allows you to be 100% confident. 


Why is Straker the ideal translation partner?

  • Very advanced technology platform offering 24/7 support
  • Ability to leverage our pool of over 5,000 tried and tested translators
  • World’s fastest turnaround times for quality translations
  • Experience in delivering advanced translation services
  • Forward thinking translation company that is up to speed on all the latest trends and technology in the translation industry
  • Wide range of in-house language skills across all of our staff
  • Accredited to EN:15038 and ISO 9001
  • Alternative pricing options, depending on your project (eg. per hour pricing) 

Our Certifications

Getting our quality certification was a simpler process for us at Straker than most other translation companies because we operate above and beyond these standards.  


We see them more as basic health checks rather than compliance hurdles because our systems are robust, intelligent and responsive.


As well as being ISO 9001 certified we are certified to EN 15038:2006 level and have been comprehensively audited and certified by the leading global verification and certification company VNZ, who have confirmed that we comply on all aspects of the standard.

Recent Translation Projects


Pension Fund FAQs

Translations of Website into 32 languages

  • Words: 6,739
  • Timeframe: 7 Days
  • Category: Finance
  • Source: English
  • Target: 32 Languages


Website Translation and Localization

Translations of Adnetwork's website into multiple languages

  • Words: 8,470
  • Timeframe: 48 hours
  • Category: Website
  • Source: English
  • Target: Arabic, Korean, Spanish (Latin America)


Hostel Booking Website

Translation into 22 languages for the World's largest hostel booking website

  • Words: 17,667
  • Timeframe: 6 Days
  • Category: Travel
  • Source: English
  • Target: Italian, Swedish, German, Czech

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