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Multilingual CMS

World Leading Multilingual Content Management System

With our world leading global content management system - Straker CMS, we have the easiest and most cost effective method of getting your content and applications to a global audience. The system has all the enterprise functionality you would expect from a leading CMS and is the underlying engine used to power the multilingual web sites we build.


Simplifying the Translation Process

One of the big drawbacks to running a web site in many languages has been the complexity of managing the content, the translation process and continued synchronization of content. View Features.

We Already Have an Existing CMS?

In some cases for clients there is embedded CMS and the cost and time involved in moving to another technology makes the project unfeasible. In these cases clients will often utilize the superior multilingual features of Straker CMS by using it to run their international web sites with a web services gateway used to push content out of the existing CMS and into Straker CMS.

Using our advanced software as a service platform along with the Straker CMS translation and integration API's it is possible to create seamless workflows between your existing CMS and Straker CMS, which can then be used to run the international versions of your website and as a translation platform.

One Stop Shop

If required we can provide a one stop shop for going live with Straker CMS and offer design, development and consultancy on top of our software and language services. To ensure it easy and cost effective for clients to move onto our platform we offer low cost consulting and development rates

Multilingual SEO

Straker CMS has integrated SEO features to make it possible to rank highly in Google and other search engines in all languages.

Serving our customers across the globe since 1999

We have offices in 9 countries providing 24/7 support 365 days of the year for our clients


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