Hong Kong’s legal firms are busy focusing on China. As many of these organizations are global operations, with roots in the USA and the UK, expert language skills and a cultural affinity between these areas drives a need for legal translation services. 

Legal translations require the utmost levels accuracy and expertize. They’re also time critical and often reactive. They need to be on-demand, so require quick pricing and need to be resourced appropriately.

Legal translation specialists

That means sourcing native-speaking translators with legal knowledge to take on projects at short notice. Just as importantly, legal clients need a top account manager to assist them every step of the way – so we’re delighted to announce the new appointment of Jamie Dickson for the Hong Kong and Singapore region.

For more than 20 years Jamie’s been finding technology solutions to reduce project timelines and increase project savings for legal clients. He’s based in HK and advises law firms and inside counsels on all matters involving foreign language content across all areas of law. Just some of Jamie’s specialisms include:

Litigation and arbitration

Anything from document submission to courts or for a tribunal, to appraising or updating foreign language clients

Compliance and investigations

Code of Conduct, ethics policies and internal investigations into conduct, and receipt translations

Corporate and M&A

Agreements, due diligence and all aspects of mergers and acquisitions

Time and cost savings now and going forward

Legal clients demand speed and a competitive price. We offer a wide range of translation services and combine automation, machine learning and human expertise to create legal translations up to 60% quicker and at up to 40% lower costs. We also have a wide range of flexible pricing options, including per hour working which really helps make savings on high volume jobs.

Putting in place quality assurances

Quality assurance comes as a matter of course and Straker’s validation platforms, glossary options and infinite translation memory can add quality layers to your legal content.

We have a facility where accurately translated terms can be added to your portfolio of pre-translated words. There’s less unique content to translate and that means lower charges because we don’t charge you for words we’ve already translated for you in the past. You’ll get quicker and lower cost translations as a result.

WordPress Translations

Clients can choose preferred translators to work on their projects going forward, and by combining professional human translators with machine translation, we can offer a wide range of editing and proofreading options for consistency across entire legal projects.

Jamie would be delighted to explain further the benefits of how these various tools also ensure consistency, reduce translation errors, speed up approval, sign-off and delivery times.

Easily manage the translation process

He can also introduce you to your easy-to-use online management account dashboard called deltaRAY. Here you can take control of ordering, invoicing and signing-off on translations and check the progress of your current project. This can save you many hours in your working week because you’re not constantly chasing up your provider for deadline information or bugging the accounts team for invoice enquiries. Everything is on screen and right in front of you.

You might be translating already and happy with your current translation provider. That’s fine. We’d still very much like to have an informal meeting and hear about your language requirements. If you’re looking to change your current translation vendor, or would like to catch up over an email or just have a coffee, we’re here to help.

Please contact us:

Jamie J. Dickson
Vice President, Asia-Pacific Sales, Hong Kong and Singapore
m: +852 9311 6665
d: +852 3977 0751
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By The Straker Marketing Team

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