Getting the Job Done – A Translation Company with a New approach in a Traditional Market

The question of how to keep businesses growing in the current market seems to be an issue not discussed at Straker Translations.  They are too busy handling the growing demand for their services.   New clients are increasing at 15% – and that is compounding, repeat clients have more than doubled in the last month and their growing reputation means they can reduce their advertising budget.  What is fueling this growth?  The answers seem to lie in simply getting the job done.

Competing in an industry estimated at $US34 billion market this is no easy task.  Competition is fierce amongst translation agencies – keeping afloat is considered successful, let alone making a profit.  So how are they able to achieve such exponential growth?  They do it by using their technological advantage to give the customer what they need at prices low enough to make some comeback and check there hasn’t been a mistake.

The technological advantage they have enables them to provide translators with a translation portal that speeds up the process and takes care of the formatting.

Grant Straker, founder and CEO of Straker Translations, explains, “We focus on top-notch communication with the client and can provide rapid turnaround translations, even on very large documents using our RAY collaborative translation portal. On average translators can get through 3,000-4,000 words per day, using ultraRAY translators can get up to 6,000-7,000 words per day and multiple translators can work on larger documents concurrently making it possible to get even very large documents translated within a couple of days.  We pass on those savings in cost to the client which makes our prices very attractive.”

The new pay per hour model for larger assignments is taking on a very traditional industry.  In an environment where clients still want to walk into an office with their documents and speak with a translator there and then, it has taken some smooth online cajoling to get customers to change their ways.

Straker Translations mantra of instant quotes and fast translations has proved a successful pitch – they boast a 96% customer satisfaction rate.  Clients can do everything on line, get instant quotes, pay, chat with a real person in real-time on the website, check their jobs progress at anytime through a secure login, and even communicate directly with their own personal project manager.

And if all this fails to impress, they can still walk into an office, document in hand, in pretty much any major city across the globe to get the job done.