New Feature – Real Time Translation Job Completion

With translation projects time matters – hitting deadlines (particularly urgent deadlines) has been a major driver in how and why we developed an online platform.

In the early days of the company we could only load a very narrow range of documents into our web based platform (specific types of docx files, excel files etc) which meant we often had to send some documents directly to translators to work on locally (with their own system). For our project team this was the nightmare scenario – commonly refreed to around the office as “sending files into teh abyss”. Generally the translators who are part of our team are reliable and understand the issues late delivery, but in reality things go wrong and unexpected problems occur. This matters for a number of reasons:

1. If the translator was behind schedule or overloaded with work they would either be in a position were they were going to miss the deadline or have to work a lot of extra hours/translate under pressure to get the translation finished in time. In our experience this scenario has a direct correlation to quality issues.

2. The translator were working on a large file and although 70% or 80% through would becomeuncontactable for a variety of unforseen reasons. We didnt have the translated content and couldnt contact the translator. Not many choices in this situation

3. If there are problems with the translation (formatting, quality etc) they cant be checked and dealt with through the translation process – only at the end of the process when the project is up against it.

Over the last 2 years we have worked hard to build the technology that solves these issues. We built a much wider variety of uploaders, have made the workbench more user friendly so translators like working in it, added lost of quality adherence tools and automated markers/alerts for the project team. They can now see almost every detail on a project in real time:

a. Batch completion % – what % of the total words to be translated have been done

b. Markers against milestones. Great for telling if a translator is going to miss a deadline or run into issues as outlined in 1) above


c. % of content adjusted when working in a post edit environment (i.e. how many of the pretranslated words did the translator change/adjust)

d. Active translators – who is logged into the workbench and actively saving translated content

It made sense then that if our project team hated being left in the dark that clients who have their own deadlines to hit must feel the exact same way. So in the interests of trying to make customers lives easier we just added a new feature to the client dashboard (the myaccount dashboard). If you have a project underway you can now click on the job ID and see the exact completion rates of the project in realtime.

What this means is that as a client you no longer have to rely on irregular status updates or that feeling of dread when you are coming up to an urgent deadline and you dont have any visibility on if you are going to get the translation finished or not.

Just login to your account and get status updates anytime you want.

We have a list of new features we want to add into the client dashboard in the coming weeks but if are either an existing or prospective client and there is information you would just love to see (like how fast translators are going, forecast compeltion time etc) just drop us a line.