With technology moving business along faster than ever, many global companies are looking for their documents to be translated to meet their foreign markets faster than ever before.  The traditional methods of document translation are notoriously slow with companies finding their business lags behind the speed of online communication.  Turning to machine translations doesn’t solve the issues as companies risk misrepresentation through literal word for word translations.  How to solve the problem of meshing the skills of human translations with the speed of technology?
Straker Translations took up the challenge and met the gap in the market by developing their own translation tools for real translators to speed up their word per hour out put.   In a unique position in the market, Founder and CEO of Straker Translations, Grant Straker, knew how to build the technology and get his idea to the marketplace.  Straker Translations is now an international business providing faster-than-ever translations to thousands of users across the globe.
The translators are happy too.  They get through more words per hour than ever and are able to turn over more work than their counterparts.  With a database of over 3000 translators based in every time zone across the globe, Straker Translations is able to simultaneously get a Swedish safety manual translated into 7 languages in Europe, a Tagalog mining agreement in Australia and a police clearance for China – all in what seems like a blink of an eye.
The online translation tool is called ultraRAY ™. The software is a collaborative translation portal that allows translators to work on the text in online containers.  The software then collates the text and puts it back into the original template.  Multiple translators can work on larger documents concurrently making it possible to get even very large multilingual assignments translated with in a couple of days.

Client growth proves they are happy with the speed and the added bonus of having the translation back in the same format as the original document, saving them time and money.  Straker is experiencing exponential growth, with an astonishing rise in repeat clients, returning with larger projects – the surest way of tracking customer satisfaction.
The award winning company is set to take up more of the market share as its reputation for fast translations grows.  It seems blending human skills and online technology is creating formidable results; low costs for clients, satisfied translators and an ever-increasing bottom line for Straker Translations.