Your first business translation project was delivered on time, on budget and was accurate. Ticks all round. But your provider should be making job two even better.

Validation platforms add more accuracy

Does your translation supplier provide a validation platform? This is an online tool where you can feedback on how the first job went from a translation point of view. What content did they get right? What did they get wrong? What would you like to see changed for next time?

Your language agency will incorporate your suggestions into the second job. The translator will adhere to all these recommendations to meet your content, branding and style guides. This can speed up the sign-off process because you’ll be making fewer amends on job two, so validation provides an extra layer of guidance.

Glossaries to add to your assets

Did your provider recommend glossaries and reserved word lists on job one? Make sure they offer you this for job two. It’s your list of proper and technical names and industry-specific terms that need to be translated in a particular way or left untouched. This is useful for sectors that have a distinct language and terminologies, such as the medical and legal professions.

Choose your preferred team of translators

If you thought your first translation was word-perfect and you liked the style and expertize of the translator, you can request them as a preferred translator. A flexible language service provider will be able to offer you that choice for your second translation. Simply contact your account manager.

Translation memory builds value over time

Naturally, you can’t use translation memory on your first job because there are no previous translations to use as a reference but, on your second job, translation memory kicks in and surfaces any previously translated content that appears in your second translation.

All previously translated content should be free to you. This lowers the costs and speeds up the time it takes to complete translations because there’s less original content to translate. And why pay for the same words to be translated again?

All of which is why your second job will be completely different to your first – if you choose the right provider.

Using translations is one of the most cost-effective ways to create more sales opportunities in new markets to help build revenue.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Straker Marketing team and still likes words.