A validation platform is a very useful tool for clients. So it’s really worth taking the time to explore its many uses.

Using a validation platform can save you time in the reviewing process, improve quality even further, and make translation checking faster project-by-project.

Online validation makes content better

Client reviewers can mark up any changes that need to appear in the next translation. As this all happens online, not manually, there’s no need to email endless paragraphs of text explaining what needs changing.

It takes the hassle out of making changes manually and your provider can never say they didn’t get your suggestions or that they got lost in the email system.

Use translations to drive your brand

These comments will be available to the translator when you have signed-off or commented on a specific file. Also all your changes are automatically uploaded into your bespoke translation memory for future use.

This works so well in industries with complex terminology, and validation platforms also help bring consistency to your branding and style guides. You could say, ‘can you please use a more informal tone’ or ‘please use word X instead of word Y’.

Align your industry-specifics for a better product

A pharmaceutical company may want to use the word ‘epistaxis’, instead of ‘nosebleed’. You get your translation just the way you want it. The further you go down the translation path, your translation jobs will become more efficient and smoother.

And just like, say, a word document, you can also do a find and replace in bulk, based on the same principle as above. Any word that doesn’t meet your brand messaging or style guide will never appear in a translation again.

Speed up the time it takes to review and sign-off

Your language agency will incorporate your suggestions into the second job, and then again into the third if necessary. And so on.

This can speed up the sign-off process because you’ll be making fewer amends on job two, on job three – improving quality and freeing up your resources because you’ll be spending less time at the approval and review stages.

Translation services can cost less than you think and improve speed over time to help you reach more customers in new markets.

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Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations

By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Marketing department at Straker and likes words.