Many organizations choose one language as their lingua franca.

Then they identify the other key languages which are essential to help serve key local markets.

Using the services of a translation provider to develop a language policy which connects to these markets to engage your global teams has numerous benefits and can be a valuable legal and commercial asset.

Keep you and your workforce safe

There are an estimated 232 million migrant workers in today’s global workforce, according to the International Labour Organization. That’s around 3% of the world’s population.

Incorporating documentation in multiple languages helps to reinforce and uphold a framework of compliance within your organization. Accurate translations across all your content help to protect employers and employees alike.

So translating employee contracts, eLearning and technical information, and health and safety documentation can help avoid business disruption and interruption and overcome legal, regulatory, compensatory and compliance issues further down the line.

Boost employee engagement

Research also indicates that providing local language services for your global teams can help with employee engagement. Language services make something as ‘complex’ as translating a 5,000-word company handbook in 20 different languages very straightforward with a combination of human translators and translation tools to make the process quick, cost-effective and accurate.

translationsTranslation shows you are willing to invest time and resources into speaking to your organization at a local level, and that you value and embrace cultural differences within the company.

Use translations for consistent communications

A professional translation company will assign specialist and native human translators who are experts in the technical, human resource and operations sectors. You will get a better quality product as each translator will be familiar with all the terminologies and phrases you require for your sector, and in the tone and style of the local language your organization requires.

Hiring, training and cross-company communication suddenly become a whole lot easier and more efficient if it can be undertaken in several different languages at once.

Use translations to engage your global teams and customers, and use our translation tools to save you time, hassle and lower the costs the more you translate with us.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook