Finding a translation management system (TMS) available to buy online is easy enough.

Each comes with various features to enable businesses to integrate reporting, reviewing and invoicing into workflows while working with their own translator teams.

How good is your TMS, really?

But hold that thought. Before you go spending more of your precious budget, it’s worth flagging up two significant drawbacks to these kinds of applications.

Firstly, the majority of these TMSs require a monthly subscription fee, which can mount up over the course of a year or two. Secondly, as the vast number aren’t affiliated to any professional language service provider, a translator database, or link through to any human translator element, clients will still need to source their own translators to get the translations done.

Integrate all the benefits into one system

Partnering translation companies who incorporate a TMS into their regular translation service has many advantages over the former, as it’s already an extension of a pre-existing core service.

A potential customer recently enquired how much we charge for deltaRAY. deltaRAY is the name of our own online TMS. The customer had been browsing online TMS options and was surprised to learn that deltaRAY is free to clients, who can manage translations with us across all their existing and new translation projects.

A better product with more functionality

deltaRAY has all the functionality of a paid-for TMS. It also comes with more features. You can stay on top of deadlines by tracking job completion progress, plus you can order, review, sign-off and pay for translations online.

Clients also benefit from the advantages that come with working directly with a language service provider. These might include high levels of automation to import and export content quickly to get it in front of translators as soon as possible, free validation platforms, translation memory, and glossary uploads to assist with consistency, style and tone of voice to assure quality.

Translations need to be fast and accurate

While the better TMSs do come with basic levels of translation memory and reviewing options, translations need to be quick and easy.

Why complicate the process by adding extra touch points when you can go straight to a translation company to get all these free features and access to more than 20,000 expert and experienced human translators?

Use translations to reach more customers and sell more products. Then benefit from our translation tools to save you time, hassle and lower costs the more you translate with us.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook