Your language service provider can help you with Chinese translations for your eCommerce store.

A huge increase in international trade 

67% of eCommerce shoppers in China made a cross-border purchase in 2017, compared with only 34% in 2015 (Nielsen). China’s consumers regard imported goods as being of high quality.

Moreover, China’s consumers prefer to shop in different regions for their goods – choosing South Korea for fashion, France for beauty products and the US for mother and baby care goods. Translating specific product lines into Chinese opens the door to the estimated 533 million customers who shop online.

User reviews matter in China

80% of Chinese customers leave feedback on websites after they’ve made a purchase, and 80% of consumers rely on information on social media (Forbes) before making a purchase (Forbes).

Word travels fast in China’s eCommerce community, and Chinese shoppers pay a lot of attention to user reviews, so translating your user reviews into Chinese is a simple way to reassure customers and raise brand recognition.

Go mobile and go social

WeChat hit more than one billion active users in March 2018 (BBC) and nowhere else in the world is eCommerce so intertwined with mobile and social platforms.

Companies and organizations can create official accounts within WeChat, so users can subscribe to these accounts to get promotions messaged directly or click to a shopping page.

52% of online shoppers use their cell phone to shop – compared to 14% of consumers globally. More than 50% of Chinese consumers engage in mobile shopping on a weekly or daily basis – outstripping the 46% of consumers who shop in-store. So consider making your website mobile compatible as you factor in translations.

You can use translations to get a foothold in China’s eCommerce sector. Gain access to rising disposable incomes, fast and easy preparation for special shopping festivals such as Singles Day, and the middle and upper-class consumers who make regular cross-border purchases of luxury goods.

Translations are a fast, low-cost and hassle-free way to reach more potential customers in more international markets.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook