Taking advantage of preferred translator options with your language service provider (LSP) is a simple way to build accuracy and quality across all your translation projects.

Easily request translator preferences

If you’re a customer who is happy with a translator’s work, you can ask your translation agency to make sure that that particular translator (it may also be more than one linguist) is given priority access to your translations. Clients can also request that only preferred translators work on their content, if they wish.

Preferred translators can be assigned to all your projects on an ongoing basis by making the request online or by speaking to a dedicated account manager. Most commonly, your preferred translator will have both local language expertize and specific domain experience.

This helps build consistency and add further quality into translations as they will be familiar with all your complex terminology, ‘industry-speak’ and phraseology that a translator without specific industry experience will not understand.

Faster translation times with preferred translators

The more your preferred translator works across your projects, they better they’ll understand your organization’s tone of voice, brand values, messaging and style and be able to incorporate that into translations.

Content and brand familiarity adds accuracy, which will save client reviewing times. There should be few amendments and corrections which will enable translations to ‘go live’ quicker once the client has approved the content.

Sector experience is so important. You wouldn’t expect a lawyer to be able to write a complex medical paper, so you wouldn’t expect a translation agency to assign a specialist marketing translator to work on your legal content.

Don’t pay extra service fees for preferred translator options

Integrating preferred translators into project workflows is a free service offered by many LSPs. It’s also very quick and easy to integrate into future translations as it takes just moments to submit a request – if your agency has a user-friendly translation management service.

Straker Translations built a dedicated website and quote form for a medical recruitment client. They only wanted translators with medical expertize to work on their translations, so we set up the software to enable only a preferred group of translators to work with them.

Opt for preferred translators to build accuracy, consistency and quality across all your translations.

Use translations as a low-cost and easy way to increase sales opportunities, to reach more customers and boost revenue in new markets.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook