There’s no denying that language service providers (LSPs) are keeping a close watch on how free translation tools are performing.

We’ve talked before about the perils of online machine translations and how a lack of accuracy can seriously affect the reputation of your brand.

Utilize a blend of human skills and intelligent technology

If you think you’re going to be translating often, we recommend a combination of human and machine translation across the board. Machines do the initial work in uploading content quickly, but then it’s about integrating professional human translators to glue it all together to provide sense checks, context, perfect structure, meaning and all local nuances.

One of the many problems of free online translation tools is that even if a one-off translation is fulfilled to a satisfactory standard, there are no extra benefits. You do the translation, and that’s it until the next time.

Layer in extra benefits with an agency

Translation memory is a free service we offer to our clients. All updated content is automatically uploaded into your bespoke translation memory for the next time. This works well for industries using complex terminology. Employing the services of a translation company means you get the benefit of human translation expertize and extra services such as translation memory and reserved words and glossary uploads.

Lower project costs and speed up completion times

As the translation memory kicks in, it surfaces all previously translated content which appears in the new translation. Translation memory can help to lower the cost and speed up the time it takes to complete translations because there’s less original content to translate.

Build a store of commonly used words and phrases to ensure consistency and accuracy with glossaries and reserved words. If you use brand and company names or technical terms often, work with us to build a list of these words and phrases.

We then translate them and unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll continue to re-use these translations. This builds consistency across your brand because all your messaging is uniform. This also saves money, but the main advantage is high-quality translations.

Validation to help maintain accuracy and quality

A validation platform is a free custom-built feature for our clients which enables your chosen reviewers to feedback on the translation by using simple functions. To feedback, the reviewer simply highlights any aspect and writes a comment in the margin, very similar to common word processing platforms. This then goes straight back to the translator for them to work on.

Leave free translation tools behind if you’re going to translate often and use human translations and translation technology for high-quality translations to help you sell more products and services in new markets.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook