The highest quality translation management platforms enable clients to manage their translation projects online with efficiency and transparency.

When clients inform language agencies that they want 24/7 accessibility, flexibility and an inexpensive online management system, can these agencies really deliver?

Your free and effective online manager

Our online management system is called deltaRAY. As it’s online, it means customers can order, view and pay for translations no matter where they are in the world. Flexibility comes in being able to access the desired features you need to drive translation efficiency and save on resources within your organization.

Cost is where deltaRAY truly excels. Many translation providers charge clients for the use of their proprietary system. At Straker, we offer deltaRAY as a free service for all customers. In deltaRAY, you can track job progress and completion rates, order new translations and oversee your total payment history.

Add value by adding content

Translation management systems are so useful as they’re constantly evolving – thanks to innovative translation technology. For example, as well as continually accessing new features such as reviewers and user group management, customers can add to their portfolio of content anytime – by uploading glossaries and reserved word lists.

In effect, your free translation management system is adding value the more you translate. You’re building up your asset database of translations and terminology.

Glossary and reserved word uploads

You can upload any glossaries or reserved terms to be saved and made available to translators who are working on your content by using the checklist link on your quote. These lists compromise of words that you want translated in a certain way – or not translated at all.

Moreover, a glossary and reserved terms list results in a better quality translation, better linguistic cohesion within longer sections of content and across multiple documents, stylistic consistency, and it also makes future editing quick and easy which saves you time and money.

Customers can even send these lists midway through a project. We simply apply them to the present translation. Some Language Service Providers don’t charge for these uploads – after all, it’s the customer who’s supplying the content in this instance.

Online management platforms need to be free, user-friendly and add value the more you translate.

Use translations to reach more customer and use our translation tools, such as deltaRAY, to save you time, hassle and lower project costs the more you translate.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook