Language Service Providers offer clients a wealth of translation technology to make translations easy to manage, hassle-free and lower cost.

Translation tech can also help make translations even more accurate. One of these tools is a translation validation platform:

The benefits:

Easy and free to create

Adds consistency across your global business

Simplifies complex technical translations

Drives accuracy and speeds up the review process

Enables quicker delivery times

Validation is a free service to customers

How does it work? A validation platform enables a customer to save time in the reviewing process, improve quality and make translation review faster on a project-by-project basis.

You and your linguistic reviewers can mark up any stylistic or grammar preferences in the current translation.  These comments will be available to us, and our translators when you have signed-off or commented on a specific translation file. These notes explain how you would like things to look on the next translation.

Online processes speed up project management times

This all happens online – making it an efficient way to inform your language provider of any suggested changes. Your preferences won’t get lost in an email trail or a difficult phone conversation.

All changes are automatically uploaded into your bespoke translation memory for future use. So if your industry sector deals with complex terminology, validation platforms help bring consistency to your branding and style guides.

Validation in specialist industries

As a client you might suggest ‘a more informal tone here’ or ‘please use word ‘x’ instead of ‘y’ in all instances’. A pharmaceutical company may want to use the word ‘epistaxis’ instead of ‘nosebleed’.

As you translate more with your provider, approval and sign-off procedures will become even easier to manage. If there’s less new and unique content to translate, then project costs will be reduced and delivery times will speed up.

Whatever the industry specialism, we can build you the right translation team to help achieve your global ambitions.

Use translations as a simple and cost-effective way to reach more customers and sell more of your products and services.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook