8 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Choose Straker’s Magento Extension to Localise Your Store

Now that we are already aware of the most important facts about the localisation of a Magento website, we can concentrate on Straker’s Magento Extension, which helps make the translation process considerably more efficient and cost-effective. With the help of Straker’s completely manageable human-powered translations, you can obtain all the benefits of personalised language services. 

The Magento Extension is compatible with Magento 1 and 2, both with the Community version and the Enterprise edition. All you need to do is install the API-based extension and you are all set to start choosing what needs to be translated!

1. You Are in Charge

Straker’s Magento Extension was built so that you can stay on top of the translation project and hold the reins of your own store, regardless of the language it is in. The extension offers control and flexibility so that you can choose exactly what content you would like to localise. Once you have chosen the content and your source and target languages, you can receive a quote in a matter of minutes.

Selecting what should be localised is easier than ever with the Magento Extension filters that let you sort your store’s content by product type, SKU, attribute set name and many more. Is your budget a bit tight at the moment? You could start translating your top 100 selling products and then proceed with the rest as you generate revenue from that market. 

PRO TIP: Advanced Filtering Options

When you have a store with thousands of products, it is likely that the deciding factors for localisation could be others than product SKU or name. You may need to sort products of a certain manufacturer or decide between current and historical products. This is why our extension also features advanced filtering options, which makes filtering content for localisation more flexible. 

1- Select advanced filters in Configuration


2- Advanced filters will become available during product selection for creating a translation order

Job Information

2. Track Progress in Real Time

Once you have accepted our quote, our specialised translators can start working on the files immediately. While the translation is on its way, you can use the dashboard deltaRAY to track how your translation is going in real-time. You don’t need to worry about the translation, of course. We will deal with that. But in those cases when deadlines are tight, being able to keep an eye on the process can help you plan and rest assured that progress is happening!

Order Details

PRO: Global Attributes

Remember that if your products feature global attributes, it is very important that you untick those before you create your translation order.

3. Reduce Risks

Using Straker’s Magento Extension makes CSV files unnecessary. This is great news: CSV files make translation jobs considerably cumbersome, as they include not only the content, but also the HTML code which could be accidentally modified. With our extension, translators cannot see or modify the code during translation, so formatting stays intact, and most important of all, they get to focus only on your content.

4. Save Costs on Future Translations

When using the Magento Extension, all translated content will be stored in a translation memory (TM), which is basically a database where sentence pairs are stored. Translation memories store segments with source and target translations which can be used in the future to speed up the process, reduce translation costs and increase the quality of the product by keeping the content consistent. When you send text for translation, we cross-check it against your TM, which affects the quote we give you and the content we produce. Cost-effective AND high quality!

PRO TIP: Configurable Products

In the case of configurable products, where there is a lot of content repetition, the translation memory allows dealing with content repetition in a cost-effective way.

5. You Have the Last Word

Before the new content goes live, you get to go through every single word that has been translated and make any changes you deem necessary. You can do this through Straker’s validation platform, where you can comment on the translated content or the use of specialised terminology. Even though this step is optional, it offers you the peace of mind that everything can go through you before it’s out there for everyone to read. All changes you make through the validation platform are automatically saved into the translation memory so that you don’t have to make the same change twice.


Image Reference:

A- Source segment

B- Translation to target language

C- Comments

D- Replace existing translation

E- Search

6. Publish New Content Easily

By using Straker’s extension, you can follow the translation process closely by checking its status. The status will let you know if the translation is waiting for a quote, if the quote is ready, if the translation is in progress and when it is ready to publish. From there, you can select and publish the content directly. Yes, it is that easy!

7. You will Understand What’s Going on

A friendly and intuitive user interface will help you navigate the potentially daunting localisation process, even if you are unfamiliar with Magento. For your convenience, you will also have access to a summary box which offers a simple overview of the project, what is included in it, and what has been translated.

8. It’s Free!

That’s right. You can download Straker’s Magento Extension and install it right now at no charge. No need to pay for project management nor file handling. No hidden fees, we promise.

So get started today!

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