Goodbye holiday spending, hello new year sales. Here are three takeaways you can use throughout the retail year to reach more customers and increase sales potential.

1) Translating content can improve your SEO online and offline

We know online retailers have to fight hard to get noticed. There’s big competition out there. eCommerce sites rely heavily on the success of their website and a good SEO score will help improve the position your website appears in organic search results returned by sites like Google.

Translation services can glue together two important parts of your organization’s SEO. They will translate your content accurately – making sure all your key points are translated but, they’ll do it expertly with human translators so that your keyword rich content is just as effective in a second language as it is in English.

2) Set a budget to match your requirements

Start small. There’s a bit of trial and error involved when it comes to budgeting for a website translation. The great thing about translating your eCommerce website is that you don’t have to translate everything at once.

Why not test certain pages or products to discover whether your idea of translating works? There are plugins which let you translate only the parts you want. You’re the customer. Tell your provider what you do and don’t need.

The main advantage is that when you’re ready to go live in a new region, your website will be ready to go live. Just imagine launching to a new market the same minute you switch out your website to new languages?

3) Use a plugin with validation option

Validation is an important step in the translation process. If you already have an in-house reviewer, they’ll be constantly checking translations to ensure they’re accurate.

This traditionally takes time, but there are validation platforms that connect directly into the translation process. These capture all your reviewer feedback and alert your translation provider to the changes that need to be made.

These tips to help you use translations to reach more customers and get to new markets quicker. For a smaller-than-you-think initial financial outlay, translations are an extremely effective way of making your marketing budget stretch further.

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Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations
By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Marketing department at Straker and likes dusty old books.

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