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About Us

We have been giving outstanding support to our customers for 14 years

Straker translations team

Who are we?

Straker Translations is a cloud-enabled translation services provider and are one of the world’s fastest growing translation companies. Out of over 27,000 vendors globally it is ranked in the top 100 translation vendors by the industry's leading research organization. Over the last 5 years it has built a technology platform that enables human translators to deliver faster and more accurate translations, lowering the cost and time to deliver translations.

Where are we?

We have sales offices in nine countries including a number in the USA & Canada (9), Australia (4), Singapore, the UK, Ireland and Germany.

We are a global company with major production centers in Barcelona Spain and in Auckland, New Zealand - two of the most amazing and multicultural cities in theworld. One takes in the best of Europe and the other is on the doorstep to Asia. By having the production centers on opposite sides of theworld we are able to offer a continuous 24/7 service to our customers. With staff that speak over 12 languages they liaise with our over 5,000 professional translators and 10,000+ customers to ensure a speed, quality and simplicity that has been the backbone to our outstanding service.

If I call you who will I speak to?

Ideally you will be calling the local sales office but depending on the time of the day you may be routed to either one of our production centers or directly to a regional sales office. If you are a business customer you will most likely be put through to one of our business specialist who can offer the best deals and talk to your about our various offerings including our per hour translation rates.

Can I come into your offices?

Yes, absolutely. We can organise a time to meet with you in any of our sales offices in the USA, Australia, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Spain and New Zealand to discuss your needs. Just bring your business documents and your questions. If you prefer to do business without leaving your chair, talk with one of the team via our online chat, email us or upload your documents and we will get back to you in a few minutes.

Grant Straker - CEO

Award winning entrepreneur , Engineer, Paratrooper, Ironman, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Musician and Dad - Grant wears many hats and has had an incredibly varied set of experiences over the past 30 years. As one of the founders of Straker, Grant's wide ranging experiences and skills place him in an ideal position to drive the growth of Straker as it continues to grow its Global presence.

Twitter: @gstraker

David Sowerby - Sales & Marketing

David has over 10 years experience in the Internet and tech industry. David is a Director in Straker and founder of Sportsys Pty Ltd. David's background in statistics and data analysis and his strong entrepreneurial drive have placed him in an ideal position to help accelerate the growth of a number of early stage ventures. He has proven experience in building businesses and has been directly responsible for growing a number of companies from start-up phase and growing start-up units within larger organisations. David has an Undergraduate Degree in Science from the University of Queensland, a Graduate Diploma in Management from CQU and a Masters of Business Administration from Trinity College Dublin.

Indy Nagpal - Technology

Indiver (Indy) has been working in the area of web application development for over 17 years. During this time, he has been involved with various companies across different parts of the world -- US, Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. Over the years, Indy has worked in different aspects of software development -- programming, project management, content development, training and consulting. As the CTO of Straker, Indy is responsible for setting the technical direction of the company across its multi-lingual translation product sets. Indy is a certified Adobe trainer and spends more and more time on a plane training and meeting new clients and partners all over the world.

Kim Andrews - Operations

Kim looks after the day-to-day running of Straker globally. Kim was a former HR Services Manager for Vodafone NZ leading the HR team and Payroll team for. Here team was the first point of contact for 2200 employees at Vodafone with any HR Related query, preparation of all HR related documentation for employees, ownership of myHR which is the information portal for all Vodafone HR related information, management of sick and annual leave, coaching with Leaders in HR related activities, creation and management of all personnel folders

Merryn Straker - Production

In her role as Chief Production Officer, Merryn looks after Straker's global production systems and teams, and makes sure that every touch point with the company runs smoothly from Client Projects to Finance and everything between. After completing a Bachelor of Management Studies at Waikato University (1992), majoring in Management and HR.

Phil Norman - Chairman

Phil was the founding Chairman of Xero Limited, one of New Zealand’s most successful publicly listed technology companies, and retired from Xero’s Board in July 2012 after five years’ service. Phil's current director roles include the Independent Chairmanship of Loyalty New Zealand Limited and Chair of NZAX listed VMob Group Limited. He also holds director positions in a number of other SME's.

Phil is Managing Director of Nortek Management Services Limited, a boutique business advisory firm providing investment banking, strategy and governance services for growth companies. He has over thirty years experience working with small and mid-sized companies in a number of industry sectors and has been an owner, manager, director and investor in a number of local and international businesses.

Phil served as Chairman of the New Zealand Venture Capital Association during 2002 and 2003 and was for six years a member of NZTE’s New Zealand Beachheads Advisory Board, resigning in June 2010.

Grant Straker

Programmer, Engineer, Paratrooper, Ironman, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Musician and Dad - Grant wears many hats and has had an incredibly varied set of experiences over the past 20 years. As one of the founders of Straker, Grant's wide ranging experiences and skills place him in an ideal position to drive the growth of Straker as it continues to grow its Global presence.

Twitter: @gstraker

Steve Donovan

Steve is a former partner of Ernst & Young. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the U.K. and has operated within the IT and finance industry in for a number of years. Steve acts as Straker's Finance Director and has been working with technology companies across a range of industries. Steve sits on the board of several companies including Software accounting firm Greentree and food company EasyYo.

Brooke Bone

Brooke is a Senior Investment Analyst for Milford Asset Management. He previously worked for Macquarie Securities in New Zealand as a Senior Research Analyst covering a variety of sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, mining and oil & gas. He was ranked as one of the top three analysts in a number of INFINZ awards in 2012, 2011 and 2010. Prior to joining Macquarie he was a Vice President at Morgan Stanley in London, covering Pan-European retail companies. He also worked for the corporate finance and property team of Marks and Spencer in the UK and as a management consultant for Cap Gemini. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young. Brooke is a CFA charter holder.

Merryn Straker

Merryn is a highly experienced executive and has a Bachelor of Management Studies from Waikato University (1992), majoring in Management and HR