Online retailers are exploring new markets and the potential of AI this Christmas.

New research says European consumers shop just as passionately as those in Asia-Pacific, the USA and the UK. And there’s more international buying than ever before.

‘More than half of respondents in the [Neilsen Research] survey (57%) say they purchased from an e-tailer outside their country’s border in the past six months.’

More customers buy in their own language

These kind of stats are pushing more online players to create localized shopping experiences. Localizing your website will increase your sales because 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a website with information in their own language.

AI Is everywhere

AI is providing online retailers with more information on purchasing habits than ever before – helping to create a more personalized and tailored shopping experience. Check out our recent blog on how AI is advancing eCommerce.

For example, North Face is partnering IBM Watson to help find customers the best jacket. Voice input AI technology asks customers a series of questions before scanning its entire product range to select the perfect outdoor wear for their particular needs.

Retailers are using AI to sell more

AI is also enhancing the offline experience. Facial recognition and geo-targeting software can track foot traffic in store, helping markers analyze which parts of the retail space and product ranges are the most popular.

Impressive, and more and more companies are integrating AI into their CRMs. For every customer who buys, as many as another four fall through the gap, so using AI to help get customers over the buying line is just the beginning.

Marketers can use technology to get leads

One-third of all marketing leads fail to be followed up by sales staff. Nobody’s fault of course. We’re all busy, but technological innovations like AI can obviously help marketers connect with their sales teams.

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