Targeting cross-border markets has always been a bit hit-and-miss for global brands.

So how do successful companies reach so many different people from so many different backgrounds and cultures?

Translations to reach new customers

One of the answers lies in translations. And there are currently so many exciting opportunities for Australian and New Zealand companies to reach Asian customers.

Hong Kong and Chinese investment in Australia reached an estimated AU$200 billion in 2016. Three of the biggest sectors were real estate, finance, and retail trade.

China is on the move

Travel is huge, too. APEC’s citizens (that’s the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation – which includes Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan) provide 71% of tourism arrivals to New Zealand. And new figures from 2017’s Golden Week –  October’s annual getaway time in China – will show NZ and Australia as two of the most popular holiday destinations for China’s growing traveller class.

And it’s not just about holidays. More and more people of Asian heritage are choosing to settle permanently in this part of the world, and that creates a lot of sales opportunities by targeting Asian customers.

Real estate industry worth billions to investors

Despite reports of a cooling market and new regulations regarding overseas ownership, the Australia and New Zealand real estate markets remain a very attractive proposition for Asian investors.

Chinese buyers purchased AU$23.8 billion worth of Australian property in 2016 while 33% of Auckland houses sold to foreign buyers went to Chinese investors in the same period.

That’s why you see more and more real estate companies in Australia and New Zealand translating their listings into Chinese. It’s a cost-effective way to reach a new audience while reacting to new market trends.

Time zones that favour eCommerce

eCommerce players benefit from favourable time zones between Asia and Australia and New Zealand and the most successful online retailers understand that 73% of customers prefer to buy products and services in their own language.

Ugg Boots is one brand that’s successfully tapped into the Chinese market, and their localised website reflects perfectly the intended customer base.

NAATI Translations

The branding is more upmarket – mirroring the China middle class’s love of luxury western goods, and also reassures the customer that the product is genuine and of a high quality.

That’s because ‘trust’ is a big ideal for Asian consumers in general, who are happy to pay more for genuine and branded products from a reliable source. Ugg’s upmarket-looking Chinese website taps into this idea and sets itself apart from a possible copycat or inferior products.

A positive translation experience

Translation companies can help promote brand appeal to Asian customers because they will use professional human translators with native language experience and domain expertise to translate your content.

Translation companies can easily take English language content and translate it quickly into Chinese, Japanese and Korean (among others). The human translators use all their skills to provide accurate translations. They will bring context, sense and local nuances to each piece of text to make it seem that your words have been created in the country or demographic you are targeting.

Professional agencies provide high-quality content

Professional designers working for translation agencies will know that some texts typically have more complicated characters than those in, say, Latin script. For example, every Chinese and Korean character is roughly twice as wide as the average English character.

You might be translating your Asian-languages content already and happy with your current translation provider. That’s fine. We’d still very much like to have an informal meeting and hear about your language requirements. If you’re looking to change your current translation vendor, or would like to catch up over an email or just have a coffee, we’re here.

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