Can we help you with a concern?

At Straker Translations, we know each and every translation is unique.

We always strive to give you the best service available, and appreciate feedback, compliments and complaints.  They help us to ensure we are on the right track, delivering you accurate, timely, cost effective translations.

However, sometimes things do not go as expected.  If you have a concern about your translation please use our complaints procedure, designed to find solutions in a fast, friendly and effective way.

We want to respond to your concern as soon as possible. Please email us as soon as possible to avoid any delay in getting back to you.


We will take your complaint seriously and deal with it fairly.

If you feel we have not met our terms and conditions, as per your quote (click here to view our terms and conditions),  please contact your project manager directly.  On receipt of your complaint, we will have our Quality Control Officer review your file and get back to you as soon as possible. We may need more information from you, the translator(s) or internal members of our staff.

After full consideration, the Quality Control Officer will provide you with one or more suggested solutions for you to select from.  However, if you have a preferred solution please let us know.


There is a specific process that we go through if you identify an issue.

As per our terms and conditions, we can assess your complaint only if you have come back to us within 10 days from receiving the translation if you have an issue.

To action your complaint we will need detailed information of what is wrong and specific examples of what you feel is incorrect.  As translation is subjective we will need specific examples to be able to go back to the translator or an independent reviewer.  Unfortunately, it is not sufficient to advise that ‘we think this is a poor translation’ without indicating specific text.

We will then take your comments back to the original translator for their response.  We will also provide your feedback to one of our senior translators in that language pair for their input.  If the concerts are deemed valid we will have the entire document reviewed by another translator taking into consideration the issues that have been raised by all parties.


Communication in general, and translation particularly, is subjective and a number of factors can influence a project including:

1  The quality of the original source file.

2  The amount of background, supporting information, reserved words and glossary terms that you provide us by using the checklist that we ask all clients to complete or the information you provide offline for larger projects.

3  The type of content and the service you have requested.

4  The time frame on delivery – for example, a short turnaround job where we have to utilise two or more translators can result in a compromise on consistency in the translation unless you agree to a review by a single translator of all the translated content.


Subtitling –  we highly recommend a review of subtitling to ensure the ultimate in quality.

Software Localisation – we highly recommend a review of the content once in context.  Often short strings of text can lose meaning in context.  For example, ‘Open’ does it mean ‘shop open’ or ‘Open an application’.  We can have the translator review the content via a URL or screenshots.

Text Going To Print – we highly recommend a review for content that will be produced in print.

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you if you redress the issue elsewhere with another translation agency or translator as that does not allow us a chance to investigate and correct any issues.  We are also unable to give a full refund if you are using the translation.

For more information read our Terms and Conditionscookies and privacy policy or contact us directly via email, our online chat or call us at any time. We are here to meet your needs.