Calculating Translation Fees by the Character

Many clients who have content in a character based language such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese or Korean, struggle to estimate the amount of words they will end up with in their final translation.

At Straker, we are always looking for ways to ensure we price our translations in ways that benefit our clients so we have calculation methods to help you out. If you prefer us to work out the equivalent word counts for you, simply upload your documents for a free quote or email us and we can get back to you in a few minutes.

How to do a Character Count

If your content is in a language that does not use the English alphabet, it can be difficult to work out the price. Generally, one character ends up being 1.8 words but can be two, three or even four words in English.

The first step is to count the characters that you have in your document. You can use a character counter tool if you have one, or past the text into a word document and select character count without spaces.

Price By Character or Symbol

Once you have a character count, multiply it by the cost per character. If you have a price of 12 US cents per character for 1000 Korean characters for example, 1000 (characters) x 0.12 (cents) = $120 total cost.

Depending on the amount of text you have and the type of content it is, the price will vary.  There may also be cost for specific layout requests such as InDesign.  It is also good to have a review done if your content is going to be on printed labels or product packaging.

Will Your Translation Need More Room on the Page?

Usually content using the roman alphabet (like English) will take up slightly more room on a page than those languages using characters or symbols. If you have your translation done by us will can allow for font sizing and overruns.

Our translators can also work to a preset character maximum or minimum that you set if your design requires specific lengths.

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