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German Technical Translation Services

German Technical Translation Services

At Straker we specialize in German technical translation services making it easy and cost effective to get your technical documents translated into or from German. Unlike other translation agencies we can save you up to 40% with our per hour translation model. So if you're looking for a fast, accurate and cost effective technical document translation service speak to us today!



Per Hour Translation Pricing - Save up to 40%

At Straker we can link the economic cost of our translations to the time it takes to complete the translation - then focus on improving the efficiency of delivering that service (speed of translation), this in most cases has the outcome of significantly dropping the price to the client. Simply put, this means we can charge by the hour (not by the traditional per-word method) and use tools that make our translators really efficient and save our clients money and time. 

Client Examples - German Translation Services


Reduce Costs and Simplify the Workflow

Getting technical publications created in one language can be hard enough, having to produce them in multiple languages increase the cost and makes the publication and review process substantially more complex. This is where the Straker multilingual publishing system can simplify the process and ability to leverage the Straker, low cost human translation services can reduce the cost to manageable levels.


Here are the languages we complete the most technical translations for:

  • Japanese Technical Translations
  • Chinese Technical Translations
  • French Technical Translations
  • German Technical Translations
  • Italian Technical Translations
  • Spanish Technical Translations


Author Once, Publish Once

With the Straker Multilingual Publishing System you simply author your content in your primary language, click publish and then the automated workflows take care of the rest. Content is automatically sent to human translators to work on and review (if required).  The content in any language can be published as a PDF or Word Document.


Easy Editing

With a comprehensive Web Content Management tool as your editing interface, you have full control over your content layout and flow. Permissions and authentication components control who has access to author and publish content.  Being web based means that authors from multiple locations can work on documents at the same time without conflict.


Exporting and Integration

Once your document is complete it can be exported in any number of formats such as HTML, PDF, Word or Excel. Each documentation site comes complete with a powerful API that would also allow for integration with other tools and systems.


  • Legal documents
  • Software and website localization
  • Financial translations
  • HR documents
  • DTP translations
  • Technical manual translations
  • Medical translations
  • Marketing brochures