In our localization survey, 46% of marketers told us that managing the translation process is the biggest challenge with translations.

For us, that’s too many. New clients tell us that they’ve had such a bad translation management experience with previous agencies, that it’s stopped them from working with that agency again.

Turning translations into a positive

Even worse, in some cases, it’s actually made them postpone upcoming translation projects because the experience was so hard.

We explained how hassle-free translation management online could improve productivity for your teams in a recent blog because you can save time and lower project costs by managing everything online.

deltaRAYs additional benefits

But another advantage of managing translations online is content control.

In deltaRAY – which is the account dashboard we created, you’ll only ever see that latest version of the document that’s being translated.

Once a translation has been worked on, you’ll only see that version, so if you’re the assigned manager for translations, there’s no confusion about which is the latest file you can review or sign-off on.

If you need to notify us of any changes, you don’t have to send anything by email, so you don’t need to worry about that extra PDF that takes you over your message limits. Send content directly through deltaRAY, your website backend or using our easy APIs.

Keeping all your stakeholders satisfied

In large organizations you may have a lot of interested stakeholders who want to review a translation. If your legal, marketing, finance and senior management team all need to approve content, tight version control is a real asset.

You can also assign the people in your organization who can review and sign-off on projects, so you get an extra level of clarity when you get to the review stage.


Trusted translations from start to finish

If you’re investing in translations you’ll need an agency you can trust not only in the quality of their translations, but also the delivery and review and sign-off processes. Check out our deltaRAY video.

Translations are a quick and easy way to reach new customers in new markets. That means more sales opportunities for you and your teams, and a ‘quick win’ to make a difference to your bottom line.


Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations

By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Marketing department at Straker Translations and likes dusty old books.

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