It’s going to be the buzz phrase of 2018. So, is your global team ready for the ‘fourth industrial revolution’?

It sounds very exciting – an explosion of technologies across machine learning, AI and automation, which will reshape how we do our jobs, what we do at home and how we interact socially.

It’s also huge for sales and marketing teams around the world. We know that these three elements are creating innovative and more sophisticated ways to sell, to market goods and services and, ultimately, to get customers to literally ‘buy in’ to what you do.

Marketers are not ready for 4.0

It’s just a pity that not everyone knows it’s coming – at least according to a new UK survey. TalkTalkBusiness reports that poor technology is halting productivity for the current generation of workers:

  • slow internet connection (40%)
  • a work computer that is not powerful enough (36%)
  • outdated software and systems that keep crashing (29%)

Moreover, 18% of businesses stated that investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence is a priority.

Is it the same story in the USA? Any country that has Silicon Valley is already ahead of the game, and hundreds of companies are already investing in driverless cars, 3D printing, cashless payments, etc.

Myths around machine learning

The truth is that the fourth industrial revolution started long ago – and it’s a myth that billions of jobs will be lost as the process takes hold – if we believe history.

So, rest assured marketers, 4.0 is not going to create a sub-class of unemployed creative and sales people. Thanks to higher productivity, the United Nations estimates that poverty was reduced in the USA more in the past 50 years than in the previous 500.

AI TranslationsTwo other highly automated countries – Germany and Japan – have among the lowest unemployment rates in the world.

New jobs will be created – tasks that we haven’t even envisaged as of yet will be commonplace, but driven by the Internet of Things and something we’re all familiar with – supply and demand.

Whose taking your job?

Automation, AI, machine learning. It’s impacting across every industry. As a translations company, we’re right in the thick of it. More refinements are being made to free translation tools every week. And more people are using machines to translate their content – with hugely varying degrees of success and quality.

High-quality translations help companies to increase their market reach. If they’re done efficiently and easily, they can also help you get to market faster. We can help you make your investment in translations value-laden, content-rich and long-lasting. Contact us today.

Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations
By Ben Whittacker-Cook

Ben works in the Straker Marketing department and eats way too much pizza.


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