Adjusting your eCommerce offering to fit local markets is so important because it reassures customers that you’ve eCommerce Translationstaken the time to localize your brand to meet local customs and traditions.

Three things to think about:

1) Imagery

Think about the right kind of images to use on your eCommerce website. High-quality images for your products work wonderfully well and these will often come for the product manufacturers themselves. But if you’re shooting images for your products, it’s key to consider what is appropriate for the markets you’re targeting.

Fashion is the obvious example. Find out what dress codes there are so you don’t offend local customers. A good tip is to imagine your brand is on holiday. You wouldn’t showcase tight-fitting clothes if you’re marketing to India. And in Morocco, it would be a mistake to showcase products featuring above-the-knee skirts or low necklines.

“If you’re shooting images for your products, it’s key to consider what is appropriate for the markets you’re targeting.”

2) Colors

Different cultures react to different colors. Darker colors are appreciated in more conservative countries. Orange is the national color of The Netherlands and represents royalty. But, in Egypt, orange is associated with mourning.

The Middle East is experiencing a great burst in eCommerce – the eCommerce sector in MENA reached US$10 billion mark in 2016 – and fashion brands who feature images which offend customers on religious or cultural grounds will fail.

The winners are the ones who carefully select and showcase their products because local markets will react positively or negatively to whatever you put in front of them. Don’t forget your eCommerce site is your shop window to that local market.

“The eCommerce sector in MENA reaching the US$10 billion mark in 2016”

3) Logo and Tagline

Is it ok to localize your logo? We’ve recently talked about this and you can pick up some advice here from one of our recent blogs. Find out more here.

You’ve heard about the soft drinks company in the Chinese market who translated “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” into “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave”. This shows us that even the biggest and most successful brands can get it wrong sometimes.

Localize your eCommerce website for faster trading

eCommerce customers move quickly when it comes to deciding whether to buy from your website. A properly localized website makes life a whole lot easier to beat the competition.

Translations are a cost-effective way to help reach new markets. eCommerce is one of the industries that really benefits from translations because 73% of customer prefer to buy goods in their local language.

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