We offer translation services for corporate business around the world. And we’re delighted to announce our new presence in Japan.

Robert Gumley and Hiroshi Gunji join us following our acquisition of Elanex in early 2017.

Robert Gumley

Robert is a long-time resident of Japan. He has been working in the translation field for more than 17 years. Prior to that, he worked at the Australian Embassy for more than six years.

Hiroshi Gunji

Gunji has been working in the translation industry for 10 years. Prior to that, he worked for the trade commission office at the Australian Embassy, and a famous manufacturing company in Tokyo and Japan.

Blending professional human translations and machine learning

We offer a wide range of translation services and combine automation, machine learning and human expertise to create translations up to 60% quicker and at up to 40% lower costs. We also have a wide range of flexible pricing options, including per hour working which really helps make savings on high volume jobs.

More than 5,000 professional human translators with specific domain name and language expertize are consistently tested and reviewed and help to ensure translator quality.

Ways to provide quality assurance

We can help you make use of validation platforms, glossaries and infinite translation memory to add layers of quality assurance. By adding accurately translated terms to your portfolio of pre-translated words, you’ll get quicker and lower cost translations. There’s less unique content to translate and that means lower charges because we don’t charge you for words we’ve already translated for you in the past.

Our new team brings more than 20 years’ language experience and would be delighted to explain further the benefits of how these various tools also ensure consistency, reduce translation errors, speed up approval, sign-off and delivery times.

Easily manage the translation process

We can also introduce you to your easy-to-use online management account dashboard called deltaRAY. Here you can take control of ordering, invoicing and signing-off on translations and check the progress of your current project. This can save you many hours in your working week because you’re not constantly chasing up your provider for deadline information or bugging the accounts team for invoice enquiries. Everything is on screen and right in front of you.

You might be translating already and happy with your current translation provider. That’s fine. We’d still very much like to have an informal meeting and hear about your language requirements. If you’re looking to change your current translation vendor, or would like to catch up over an email or just have a coffee, we’re here.

Please contact us:

Robert Gumley
GM Revenue, Asia Pacific Sales, Japan
m: +818 03555 1044
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Hiroshi Gunji
Account Executive, Asia Pacific Sales, Japan
m: +819 09425 6443
d: +813 5322 1334
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By The Straker Marketing Team

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