Considering your translations needs at the outset will save you time and money.

Best practice in translations

Whether you’re commencing an early case assessment for a potential cross-border dispute, kicking off review in an international investigation, or embarking on an M&A due diligence project, seeking friendly best advice from your translation provider will provide you with a variety of options to consider.

Understanding large volumes of foreign language content quickly allows you to build your case in an efficient and timely manner. Machine Translation can refine down large volumes of data. It’s almost as good as a human translation, and is a key interim step helping review teams make quicker decisions on red flags, key documents and those requiring further proper human translation work.

Blending machine and human translation expertise

MT quality is dependent on various factors including file type and general quality. However, linguists can provide a light touch post edit to the MT output ensuring a certain level of general readability.

While this could appear to be an additional step, it actually saves time and costs and provides understanding quicker than foreign language review and full human translations.

We minimise costs to the client at every opportunity. While our core services remain high-quality human translations, technology has its part to play at every stage of the translations process.

Maintaining quality in the legal sector

We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality standards and integrate several technology functions to help maintain quality.

You can make changes and provide feedback through our online validation platform for future legal translations. Legal clients can also send us a glossary of pre-approved industry-specific or technical terms that need to be translated a particular way or, not translated at all. This is useful for keeping any specific legal terms safeguarded as you go forward.

Legal Translation ServicesTranslation memory to safeguard legal terms

Translation memory can resurface previous translations so that when a translator is working on a new job, and they come across words and phrases that have been translated before, they can be added in automatically.

Manage everything online

We never want translations to be hard, so we provide all clients with a login to your free customer account dashboard. You can check on the progress of your current job, view your translation history, order a new translation and make a payment. All online, so a real time saver.

I’d like to talk to you about your legal translation needs in my region. I have more than 20 years’ experience in the legal translations field and would be delighted to meet up for a casual chat, or a more formal meeting to discuss more fully your language needs.

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