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Straker Translations is one of London’s premier translation agencies. Since 1999 we have provided fast turnaround, cost-effective and high-quality document translations throughout the greater London area. Our clients include large organisations such as London Met University and ARUP. We also service SMEs, smaller companies and individuals needing a quality translation service.

We can translate into more than 100 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic and Japanese along with many others. There were 8.2 million residents in London, according the UK 2011 census – an increase of around 12% since 2001. That figure topped 9 million in 2015. London accounts for 15% of the total population of England and Wales. One of the most multicultural cities in the world, it is estimated that more than 100 languages are spoken in the capital.



Need your translation in a hurry? We can provide rapid turnaround translations, even on very large documents using our ultraRAY collaborative translation portal. On average translators can get through 3,000-4,000 words per day, using ultraRAY translators can get up to 6,000-7,000 words per day and multiple translators can work on larger documents concurrently making it possible to get even very large documents translated within a couple of days.


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Where do you start when trying to describe the English capital? It is the UK’s economic, political and cultural epicentre. From its palaces to its theatres, museums, art galleries and Royal Parks; Samuel Johnson had it right when he said: ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ London as we know it was chosen as an ideal Roman settlement four years after troops invaded the south of England in 47 AD. It’s believed that the army built its original crossing close to Westminster. For 1,600 years, this was the only crossing for the Thames.

Londoners view their city as a collection of small and distinct villages, from the leafy green expanses of Hampstead Heath in the north, stretching out to the southern counties of Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Despite its ancient past, London is a true 21st century metropolis.

From the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace to Wembley Stadium and the Greenwich Meridian Line, London really is a place where time begins and ends. The home of Shakespeare and Dickens, approximately 1.5 billion people speak English around the world. It is the most common ‘official’ language across the globe, is viewed as the language of international business, and the most popular language on the internet.