In a recent blog we looked at how WeChat and Facebook suffered a bit of brand damage in 2017 due to poorly translated content. 

They obviously both hit accuracy problems. So you might ask, what’s the point of paying for professional translation services if even the big boys like Facebook can get it wrong?

Free translations come with big risks

Free online translations are not the cure-all. Far, far from it. Apart from quality issues, there’s no aftercare with free translation tools.

You type in your content, get it back instantly and there you have it. So, you can’t blame organizations for giving it a try.

No after service with free translations

But, but, but; even if you strike lucky and it’s a close representation, what happens next?

Using a translation service isn’t just about the here and now. With an agency, you get high-quality translations from the get-go, but you also get a level of added advantages that you don’t get with free translations.

The benefits of paid-for services

With free translations do you get a dedicated account manager or online project management? Of course not.

Just as important, using the same provider should help add value to your content. You can use translation memory to store previous translations which can be saved for use the next time. That way if there’s any repeated content, it will flag up automatically and the chances are you won’t have to pay for that as it’s already been translated.

Chinese eCommerce Translation ServicesAdd more value to your content with translations

That’s also great if you have lots of specialist content because you know if the translations were correct last time, they’ll be just right again.

Plus, stored content that gets resurfaced means there’s less to translate – which makes translators work quicker and helps reduce project deadlines.

And if your free translation goes completely wrong, you’re going to need to go to a professional agency anyway. Think of all that lost time, budget and resource.

Small project costs

It pays to invest in translations. They’re a cost-effective way to help reach new markets and increase sales opportunities. You can start small, and then roll out more content once you’ve found the perfect provider.

To find out more about what it’s like to work with us, check out our video with The Hut Group, a global leader in health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle eCommerce brands.


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By Ben Whittacker-Cook
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