Asia Pacific translationsWho’s responsible for translation management in your organization? With a high-quality language provider, it’s nothing to be scared of.

There are a few things to consider. Something a lot of organizations do is assign translation management to a bilingual colleague or someone in the sales or marketing team.

Choose a colleague with relevant experience

That’s ok. The idea is that they’ll either have better language expertize than most, or a clearer understanding of what needs to be communicated across the brand locally and globally. And often it will be one of the above who just has some available room in their day.

Whoever you choose, managing projects online – where you can order and pay, track job progress and review and sign-off on content, makes the whole process far less time-consuming – and much easier, than you might think. It also creates savings in time and resources at your end so you can get on with marketing and selling. We discuss this further in one of our recent blogs.

One familiar contact is better than 20

Choosing your manager is an important decision because we all like to speak one or two familiar people in the supply chain – and on a regular basis. It helps build a rapport – and having that same point of contact helps them to gather valuable information on buying history, customer needs and expectations.

marketing translations

Now’s also the perfect time to think who should take on the job from next year. And it’s easy to assign a team around that person if you use deltaRAY, which is our online account dashboard created for customers.

Change and amend user status at the click of a button

You can give someone admin or user status and attribute different layers of responsibility like who can submit quote requests. Or you can assign specific jobs to specific colleagues – they’ll be given their own password. So maybe you have a German speaker in the office who can take care of your German translations.

Translations are a simple and low-cost way to reach more customers and make more sales. Translations also reassure customers that you’ve taken the time and trouble to research and commit to new markets.


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By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the marketing department at Straker Translations and enjoys reading dusty old books.

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