One of the advantages of translating your website is the surprising gains you can make, away from your primary products and pages.

translation managementIt might not be the first thing you’ll consider, but If you want to keep customers on your website and increase customer loyalty, then translating your user reviews is a good trick.

Customers want user reviews in local language

That’s because 72% of us want user reviews in their native language (CSA).

Personalization in eCommerce is reaching ever more sophisticated levels, but nothing beats going on to a site and reading what others think of the product or service you’re about to buy.

And it’s a worldwide phenomenon. More than 80% of China’s online shoppers rate and review products online. Approximately 45% of German eCommerce buyers start their search on Amazon and in the US it’s estimated that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The extra advantage of translations

Translating your user reviews has many benefits. At the first level, it tells customers that you’re a global business. Then it shows you’ve taken the time and trouble to localise your content in specific markets. That will please local customers in that region.

In today’s online world consumers are changing their habits about what they do after reading a positive review. 10% of customers will contact a business directly after reading a positive review. That means they’ll go straight to you without even bothering to look at a rivals’ offering.

online translations

Easy and simple translations

In the same way that you can use custom-built plugins to translate as many or as few product lines as you like, you can do the same with user reviews.

If you have a sudden surge of positive reviews then don’t worry, a plugin will easily cope with the demand.

A tiny cost for big rewards

For such a minimal outlay, translating user reviews into different languages has far-reaching positive effects on your customers. And it can be delivered quickly to you in all your major target market languages.

We can guide you through some of the website translation options available. 73% of customers prefer to buy from companies with information translated into their native language. Use translations to reach more customers and increase sales.

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