We talk a lot about custom-built plugins and what they can do to help you with translations. But what are they, and what’s the business benefit to you? 

eCommerce translationsA plugin is a software add-on that’s installed onto a program, enabling it to perform additional tasks that might not be available in the default installation or program.

The right plugin for you

 You can get translation plugins and, like anything, some are better than others, and each perform a varying range of tasks. Some come with automatic machine translation and others, like ours, incorporate human translations.

We’ve created plugins for Magento and WordPress customers. The advantage of these is that you can order and manage translations directly from your user interface.

Total freedom to translate

You can choose when you want to translate and select what content you want to translate. This is useful if you’re looking to market to new regions, need to work within a set budget or, if it’s eCommerce, you’re just looking to promote special products – maybe even at specific times of the year.

You get to customize your translations and get total freedom if you need translations in a hurry because a plugin never sleeps in or goes on holiday. So you cut out the need to contact your local translation provider by telephone, email or smoke signal.

The business argument for plugins

Plugins also come with a good business argument for your organisation because they beat some of the major challenges marketers face when using translations, such as time constraints, prohibitive costs and complex project management.

Custom-built plugins are just our way of getting to know what your requirements are and then building a tech-solution based on what you need. For example, you might just need specific features or functions translated.

These plugins are free and easy to download. As a customer, it’s worth pointing out that you should only start paying when you start translating. And, as you manage everything online, you get to free-up resources previously lost spent chasing your old translation supplier.

A plugin might not be right for you. If your website content changes regularly, it could be perfect. That’s why Magento/eCommerce stores like translation plugins.

Use plugins as part of your overall translation strategy

Plugins are just one way we speed up the delivery of translations while lowering costs. Per hour working, machine training and human translation can make translations a good low-cost investment with big rewards. Integrate a free plugin to help you get faster and budget-friendly translations.

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Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations
By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Marketing department at Straker Translations and likes dusty old books.



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