Quality Assurance

Combine human expertize and translation tools to ensure accuracy

How can you be sure that your translations are going to be accurate and stay accurate?

We’ve solved the quality challenge in several ways to give our customers the highest quality translation service. We do this by blending professional human translator expertize with local language experience and subject domain knowledge and innovative translation technology.

ISO Certified

Straker Translations remains committed to providing the highest standards when it comes to translation quality.

To achieve these standards, we have been certified to ISO 9001:2015* (Quality Management) since 2012 and ISO 17100:2015* (formerly EN 15038) certified since 2011. We maintain these certifications through regular auditing completed by an official auditing body.

These ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards help organizations operate with industry best practice and ensure that we meet and exceed the needs of customers. If you need a translation that needs the ISO 17100 standard, please email us at sales@strakertranslations.com.

*Straker Translations certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015
* Eurotext certified to ISO 17100:2015
* MSS certified to ISO 17100:2015

Validation Platform

A validation platform is an important quality-tool for customers and saves time on the translation review and sign-off process. Choose your own reviewers across all your translation projects. Your reviewers can mark up any changes, such as brand tone, industry terminology that meet your organization’s style. These changes will appear in the next translation so will meet your quality expectations again and again.

This is a good example where machine intelligence assists human translators to deliver an even better product. All your suggestions and amendments are saved and all changes are stored and will be integrated into the next round of translations.

10,000 Human Translators

Machine translations can never hope to reach the quality levels of human translators. Human translators are trained linguists with local language and subject domain expertize. Machines can produce an accurate but not perfect general meaning of the content. However, it takes a human translator to add context, sense and grammatical rules to make the translation high-quality and mistake free.

We have over 10,000 human translators in our database who we can work with and use their experience and local language skills to create high-quality translations for you. Our translators are consistently reviewed and tested to make sure that our high standards are maintained to get you the very best translation.

Glossary and Reserved Words

Translation quality can also be raised with glossary and reserved words. This works well for industries such as the legal and medical professions, which have a high level of very specific terms and terminology. Send us your pre-approved list of industry-specific or technical terms which need to be treated in a specific way.

The extra benefits are that it helps to bring consistency to your messaging and reduces errors. Plus, if there’s less unique content to translate project after project, translations will be completed faster and faster, saving your time.

Translation Memory

Your translation memory is a unique store of words and phrases that you’ve had translated with us previously. If any of these words are repeated in the next translation, they are flagged up and pre-translated. They’ll not need translating again – and you don’t pay for repeat content.

Over time, as your translation memory builds and more of your content is pre-translated – so the quality level increases because it’s always on brand and on message.