Black Friday is now a distinct and authentic Christmas tradition. This year’s Black Friday will be the biggest ever.

Sales in the US will eclipse the estimated US$3 billion spent in the same 24-hour period last year.

Friday 24 November 2017 will be the busiest day of online shopping – online and offline. And more bricks-and-mortar stores will be offering discounts to lure customers away from their keyboards.

Even the likes of Apple, often so resistant to such things, are jumping on the bandwagon.

The biggest shopping day in history

It’s estimated that gaming and tech products will be the biggest winners now that Cyber Monday is also a ‘thing’. This is eCommerce’s golden period, and 24 November to 22 December accounts for approximately 35% of all consumer spending in the twelve-month period.

Holiday spending is global

It really pays to know your eCommerce calendar. Singles’ Day on 11 November is China’s biggest online sales day. Spending topped more than US$17 billion across Alibaba’s platforms in 2016.

Unfortunately, more visits to your website also mean greater levels of abandonment. Global abandonment rates range from 50%-82% over the holiday spending period. Naturally, if bargain hunters are looking to spend more time and money online, they’ll also pull out of more deals.

Use translations to cut cart abandonment

Abandonment rates rise incredibly sharply in the ten days before Christmas. The two main reasons for this are that customers will find a better deal online from a competitor or they’ll discover that their purchases won’t be shipped in time for Christmas.

But don’t delete your ‘sold’ icons just yet, because 55% of consumers prefer to buy in their native language and 53% are more at ease buying in their native language.

More customers buy in their own language

This is pushing more online players to create a truly localized shopping experience. Localizing your website will increase your sales because 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a website with information in their own language.

With no set-up fees and fast delivery, translations are a great way to quickly and effectively reach more customers in global markets. We can help you use translations to make more sales.

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