Translation Memory

Speed up delivery times and lower costs with translation memory

We understand the concern many businesses have around this cost of translations. This is why we offer a free service of translation memory to our clients. The more you translate, the more machines learn. We do not charge for repetitions surfaced by the translation memory, so you pay less.

Translate all your corporate and business documents to give your global organization a local voice.

Translation memory works by ‘remembering’ your previous translations. When a translator works on a new job and they come across words and phrases that have been translated before, a translation memory will flag up these repetitions. Translation memory is a free service we offer to our clients.

Translation memory is unlimited. All updated content is automatically uploaded into your bespoke translation memory for the next time.  This works well for industries using complex terminology. As the translation memory kicks in, it surfaces all previously translated content which appears in the new translation. Translation memory can help to lower the cost and speed up the time it takes to complete translations because there’s less original content to translate. Your translation memory is private to you and is stored safely in our secure systems.

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Client Benefits

  • Automatically shows in each translation

  • Adds consistency across your global business

  • Simplifies complex industry-specific translations

  • Less unique content to translate

  • Speeds delivery and lowers costs over time

The Easiest Way to Manage Your Translations

You can relax on hitting your deadlines as you will have complete visibility on the progress and stage of translation jobs through our free online customer dashboard.

With your customer dashboard, you’ll add your custom translation memory, reserved words and glossary lists to build your own unique bank of terms to guarantee quality, speed and lower costs.

Easy website translations

We have powerful tools built into our RAY translation platform that allows you to easily translate your websites.
From custom API connectors to pre-built plugins for popular CMS platforms, we have a complete suite of solutions for website translation

Visual context translation

Our RAY Technology Allows for our project managers to know exactly how fast the translators are going, how many segments are completed and their estimated completion time and Automatically pushes each completed file into the review workflow, ensuring each document can be worked on simultaneously.

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