CMS Connectors

Free and easy to use custom-built plugins integrated into your processes

Integrating translations means you can order translations directly from your website or systems. This takes away one of the major hassles of translation management.

Our range of integrated extensions are easy to download and install so you can begin ordering translations almost straightaway. If you need developer support, our specialist team is ready to assist. We also provide plenty of free documentation if you require more help.

Magento Plugins

Connect your Magento store directly to your translator by using our free Magento Plugins for Magento (versions 1 and 2). We’re an accredited Magento technology partner – your quality guarantee, and you’ll find us on the Magento Marketplace. Click on your content choices for easy translations directly from your Magento store and send with the click of a button to your preferred translator.

WordPress Plugin

Connect your WordPress website directly to your team using our free WordPress Plugin. Drag, drop, copy and paste content directly from your CMS and send with the click of a button to your preferred translator.

Contact Us To Discuss Whether An Integration Would Suit Your Translation Needs

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