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All your publishing can be simply translated whatever the language

We understand that InDesign translation projects are often left late in the project cycle, and you want to feel secure that the quality will be high.That’s why we built a continuous translation platform that uses data assets to drive accuracy and speed like never before.

Translate all your catalogues, newsletters, brochures, manuals, slideshows and books to create a near-duplicate layout which looks as if it has been created especially for your new target market.

The Translation Process Has Never Been Easier!

Brand assets

Using our FREE, RAY Translation Platform we can store your brand or company phrases, product names or technical terms. This is clever way of building a tangible and value-laden company asset. if you use a lot of industry-specific terminologies such as in the manufacturing or legal sectors and works across all documents and format types. This is an essential way to ensure consistency.

Visual context translation

Our RAY Technology Allows for our project managers to know exactly how fast the translators are going, how many segments are completed and their estimated completion time and Automatically pushes each completed file into the review workflow, ensuring each document can be worked on simultaneously.

Say Hello To Hassle-Free And Secure Translations!

You can relax on hitting your deadlines as you will have complete visibility on the progress and stage of translation jobs through our free online customer dashboard.

With your customer dashboard, you’ll add your custom translation memory, reserved words and glossary lists to build your own unique bank of terms to guarantee quality, speed and lower costs.

Client Benefits

  • InDesign Reviews:

    Other features include a proof round selector option, so only the latest version of a document can be worked on by stakeholders. Textual and design amendments, comments and suggestions can be made internally – by translators and in-house reviewers, and externally, if you have your own internal reviewer who wants to check the files.


    One of the most important pages you may need is the proofing page, where you can see both the English and translated InDesign document in your web browser side-by-side. A click on any text box in the translated document will bring up a pop-up window to make any necessary adjustments.

  • Simplicity Reduces Costs:

    One of our project managers will be alerted to any changes and can supervise these changes accordingly, before going to the final approval stage. Once all stakeholders and client parties have signed off on the document, the final version will be released back to the client. It’s as simple as that! The reduction in handling reduce costs associated with every project.

Start Your Translation Project Now

You benefit from high-quality and easy-to-manage desktop publishing translations in all major languages to give your documentation a global voice. All font preferences, logos, images, and text expansions and reductions are taken care of to match the cultural, linguistic and design preferences for your new customers.

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