Financial Translation Services

Find out how easy it is to get accurate and high-quality multilingual financial translations that will increase your international revenue!

We understand how time-consuming and stressful financial translations can be, which is why we built our AI-powered RAY Technology platform to make the translation process and your life easier!

Translate all your financial summaries and documents to give your global organization a local voice.

Brand assets

Using our FREE, RAY Translation Platform we can store your brand or company phrases, product names or technical terms. This is clever way of building a tangible and value-laden company asset. if you use a lot of industry-specific terminologies such as in the manufacturing or legal sectors and works across all documents and format types. This is an essential way to ensure consistency.

Visual context translation

Our RAY Technology Allows for our project managers to know exactly how fast the translators are going, how many segments are completed and their estimated completion time and Automatically pushes each completed file into the review workflow, ensuring each document can be worked on simultaneously.

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We translate annual reports, financial summaries, stock exchange documentation, mergers and acquisitions documentation, investor relations and equity, bond and currency market analysis and reports, across websites and print and publishing.

The Easiest Way To Manage Translations!

You can relax on hitting your deadlines as you will have complete visibility on the progress and stage of translation jobs through our free online customer dashboard.

With your customer dashboard, you’ll add your custom translation memory, reserved words and glossary lists to build your own unique bank of terms to guarantee quality, speed and lower costs.

Client Benefits

  • Complete Project Control

    Full transparency across your translation project and simple project management through our free Customer Dashboard – DELTARAY

  • Economic Advantage

    Our cloud-based service provides financial translations at a faster rate which means lower costs and greater content value the more you work with us.

  • Intelligent Technology

    Our self-built and dynamic ‘Learn as it goes’ translation memory stores content for faster and cost-effective future projects the more you work with us.

  • Scalable Delivery

    Superior content management platforms and translation technology helps you realise cost savings, achieve quicker results and accelerate delivery times.

Three of the major challenges for financial services institutions are how to get accurately translated content delivered in a timely fashion and in a secure environment. Benefit from our local language expert human translators and the speed advantages of our translation technology to meet these challenges.

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