Medical Translation Services

High-quality translations of your multilingual medical and life sciences content

At Straker Translations we understand the particular requirements of the highly regulated medical and life sciences industry. This is why we work closely with our clients to ensure all their translated materials are word perfect, stressfree and delivered securely to meet the needs of customers, physicians and patients alike.

We translate content for enterprise medical clients and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Reliable and timely translations include clinical studies, product information documents, patents, packaging and labelling, medical forms and much more.

Life’s Too Short To Stress Over Translations, So Let Us Take Care Of The Process For You!

You can relax on hitting your deadlines as you will have complete visibility on the progress and stage of translation jobs through our free online customer dashboard.

Your free online customer dashboard adds efficiencies to every step of the translation process to ensure you get hassle-free word-perfect medical content exactly to brief and exactly to deadline. The time we save in completing your medical work is then pushed down to you in the form of lower costs.

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In many instances, medical regulations require manufacturers to provide their highly technical content in the local language of the country where they will be used.

Because of this, we provide medical multilingual solutions across a huge range of content types, including; worldwide regulatory compliance documentation, clinical trials, package inserts and labels, training manuals for surgical devices, patents and patent applications and everything else in between.

Brand assets

Using our FREE, RAY Translation Platform we can store your brand or company phrases, product names or technical terms. This is clever way of building a tangible and value-laden company asset. if you use a lot of industry-specific terminologies such as in the manufacturing or legal sectors and works across all documents and format types. This is an essential way to ensure consistency.

Visual context translation

Our RAY Technology Allows for our project managers to know exactly how fast the translators are going, how many segments are completed and their estimated completion time and Automatically pushes each completed file into the review workflow, ensuring each document can be worked on simultaneously.

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