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eDiscovery Translation Services

eDiscovery Translation Services

Straker's eDiscovery translation services help customers discover electronically stored information for litigation support in a fast and timely manner. This data can include emails, Word documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, instant messages, and chat. Having the right data at the right time is critical. But since that data can exists in multiple languages, companies need to very quickly find all relevant documents in all languages. We are able to offer bulk translation services consisting of customised machine translation followed with post-editing by a suitably qualified translation team.  This is a quicker and cheaper method than traditional translation to build a picture from a large amount of data.

Per Hour Pricing for eDiscovery Translation Services

We link the economic cost of our translations to the time it takes to complete the translation - then focus on improving the efficiency of delivering that service (speed of translation), this in most cases has the outcome of significantly dropping the price to the client. Simply put, this means we can charge by the hour (not by the traditional per-word method) and use tools that make our translators really efficient and save our clients money and time. 

Benefits of using Straker Translations

    1. Convert your files to searchable text, allowing for fast identification of relevant content
    2. Lower costs with automatic filtering
    3. Fast human translation of relevant content
    4. Able to translate into over 120 languages