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Translation Services

Fast, Accurate and Cost Effective Translation Services

We offer fast, accurate and cost effective translation services for all types of content from small one page documents to complete books and technical publications. With our ability to offer a per hour rate for translations as apposed to the traditional per word, you will find our rates the best available without any compromising on translation quality. 


Translations you can Trust

All of our translation processes and systems are certified to EN15038, the highest global standard for the translation industry. We are members of the Association of Language Companies and TAUS (The European association for language data technology). Our linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry and our systems of in-house testing and validation ensure clients get the highest quality translation.  We can provide certified translations for almost any country including legal certified translations.


Translation technology and services are advancing at rapid speed - are you getting left behind with an outdated translation process?

A lot of what goes into making translations faster is in simplifying the translation process. We make getting translations completed fast and easy, with our range of unique, technology enabled solutions.

Website Translation

Looking for a cost-effective and easy way to get your website translated into ? We have website translation technology to simplify the process and still ensure you have quality human translations

Document Translation

Our translation platform supports over 100 different file formats, we can translate MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, XML, XLIFF and many other formats.

InDesign Translation

Our world leading InDesign translation platform even allows for cloud-based in-layout proofreading.

Video Translation

We make it easy for you to get videos and games translated within your timeframe and budget. You will get your video's and games to the market faster through the use of our advanced translation platform.

We Have It Covered

With our pool of over 5000 translators we can select someone with not only the language skills you need but also the content knowledge you are looking for. We have unique systems to select just the right person for the job quickly and easily so you have a translation that speaks directly to your audience. Just let us know what you need and we will match the perfect translator for your content.


Why Pay More?

With assured accuracy and fast turnaround times why pay more for a translation? Our customers often see reductions of up to 40% over our competitors for translation services. 


Guaranteed Accuracy

At Straker we translate over one million words per month, from small 500 word jobs to large ones with over 100,000 words.  With our roots as a software company we have developed systems and tools to ensure quality control throughout the translation process.

Our translators are validated by the people that really matter - our customers and partners.  Each time a translation is completed the translators are scored based on feedback from our clients.


How do we ensure translation accuracy with such a low translation price?

Ultimately, it is our advanced translation technologies and workflows that enable us to lower the price of translations.  Project management is not charged as our system automatically manages the translation workflows, that being said, each project gets assigned a Straker project manager to oversee and ensure translation accuracy and deadlines are hit.


Our Translators

We employ professional translators from around the world.  To be accepted, all translators must go through our internal qualification program and the more positive feedback we get from customers the more work is given to them.