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Birth Certificate Translation

Official Birth Certificate Translation Agency

Do you need an official translation agency to translate your Birth Certificate? At Straker birth certificates can be translated from as little as $39 depending on the level of certification required. Immigration requirements differ from country to country and so do the certification levels for translations.


You will receive an official document validating that your translation has been provided by a professional translation agency with each certificate. We offer 100% money back guarantee so you can have total confidence with us - if our translation is not accepted we will give you your money back.


100% Acceptance Guarantee

  • 48 Hour delivery via e-mail
  • No hidden fees, your quote covers the total cost
  • No need to send your original files, just scan and upload
  • 100% Acceptance Guarantee
  • Secured PDF file so your details are safe in our hands
  • Delivery by e-mail and post (if requested)


Guaranteed Acceptance for

    • Australia - NAATI Certified Translations
    • USA - USCIS
    • Ireland - INIS
    • UK - Home Office
    • New Zealand - NZ Customs and Immigration
    • Others Countries - Please ask us
"I am so impressed with your wonderful and incredibly speedy service.
I have forwarded your details to the embassy to recommend you to anyone that may need a document translated in the future." 
Anat Mattes, Brisbane, Australia
"Amazing service and USCIS accepted the translations no problem."
Pablo Diaz - Los Angeles, CA
"Thanks - we're really pleased with the quality and service."
Vivienne,, Mosman,
"NSWI was able to print the certified PDF within 24 hours and got the hard copy one day later."
Surjith Ramatha, Ilford, Essex, UK
"Your service was great and saved my both time and money."
Baljit Singh, Finglas, Dublin, Ireland

Certified Translations

    • 1  Translations formally certified as a true translation and bearing the Straker company stamp
    • 2  Suitable for official purposes and submission to governmental and other authorities
    • 3  Subject to strict quality control processes to ensure translation accuracy
    • 4  Note that for Australia your stamp will be NAATi Certified

Common Birth Certificate Translations

The most common birth certificate translations we complete are from European languages into English, so  Spanish to English birth certificates, French to English and German to English are very common. We now also deal with a large number of Asian language birth certificate translations such as Chinese to English, Japanese  to English, Indonesian to English and Korean to English translations.  We can provide over 100+ language pairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the USCIS accept my translation?
Yes, our translations are accepted by the USCIS and other U.S. authorities. We have a 100% acceptance rate on thousands of translations.
Learn more about 100% money back guarantee.
How long will my certified translation take?
In less than 24 hours (excluding weekends), we will email you your certified translation as a PDF file. You can print it and deliver it to the USCIS or any other government agency.

Will the USCIS accept my translation?

Yes, the USCIS and other U.S. authorities accept our translations. We have a 100% acceptance rate on thousands of translations.


How long will my certified translation take?

In less than 48 hours (excluding weekends), we will email you your certified translation as a PDF file. You can print it and deliver it or we can post out a certified and stamped hard copy. 


Do you provide NAATI Accredited translations for Australia? 

Yes, we do provide NAATI accredited translations in almost any language pair. 


Do you provide notarized translations? 

Not normally, we can if needed.  There is an additional cost to this.


Where can I get my birth certificate translated?

The easiest way is to go to the home page and upload it online.  We will send you back a FREE, no obligation quote using our secure system.  Alternatively, you can also take it into any of our global offices. 

Would you like some proof we are significantly faster and better value?

The charts below show the quoted time (days) and price to deliver a 25 page technical manual from English into the 12 most popular languages (French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Indonesian)


In terms of cost for the same quoted project, our average cost per language was 40% lower than the nearest competitor and 300% less than the most expensive quote.


Straker Translation were a massive 8 times faster than the slowest alternative quote.

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