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Japanese Technical Document Translations

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Since the technology boom of the 1980's the need for Japanese translations has rocketed and now there are over 130 million Japanese speakers worldwide.
All the translators who work for us are based in-country, which means that they live and breathe the language and the culture. This can be very important when it comes to Japanese translations as some dialects such as Tsushima can be unintelligible to other Japanese speakers

Japan is the word's 3rd largest economy and the world leader in technical products. This means there is huge demand for Japanese technical document translations  and at Straker we specialise is Japanese - English and English - Japanese document translations.


All of our translation processes and systems follow the highest global standards for the translation industry. We are members of the Association of Language Companies and TAUS (The European association for language data technology). Our linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry and our systems of in-house testing and validation ensure clients get the highest quality translation.  We can provide certified translations for almost any country including legal certified translations. 


At Straker we can link the economic cost of a technical translation to the time it takes to complete the translation - then focus on improving the efficiency of delivering the translation, this in most cases has the outcome of significantly dropping the price to the client. Simply put, this means we can charge by the hour (not by the traditional per-word method) and use tools that make our translators really efficient and save our clients money and time.

Secure Handling

Our systems are refined.  We have developed procedures that ensure your content is safe.  All our translators and project managers work within a closely monitored central system to ensure you have confidence in releasing your personal and sensitive information into our hands.  Trust is at the centre of what we do.


Project Examples

Japanse Crane Manual

This project was to provide a Japanese document translation of an 80 page crane manual from Japanese into English, the client did not have the source document so had to scan in the manual and sent it to us. We manually translated the content within 7 days and the project cost the client around $2,500 dollars to complete.






Adobe InDesign Japanese Translation Services

We are experts in InDesign translations and make the process of managing InDesign Japanese translations easy and cost effective. You provide us the InDesign file and we return the file translated and laid out exactly as it should be in the translated language.


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Translate InDesign technical product brochure

  • Words: 2,800
  • Timeframe: 14 Days
  • Category: Energy
  • Source: English
  • Target: German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Jetstar Airways

Project to translate a number of technical documents from English to Japanese

  • Words: 40,000
  • Timeframe: 14 Days
  • Category: Technical
  • Source: English
  • Target: Japanese
Fuji Xerox

Project to translate photocopier manuals from Japanese into English for Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific

  • Words: 9,924
  • Timeframe: 7 Days
  • Category: Technical
  • Source: Japanese
  • Target: English