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Wordpress Multilingual Plugin

The Straker Wordpress Multilingual Plugin makes it easy and cost effective to have wordpress sites and blogs in multiple languages. With a direct gateway to the Straker translation services API you can leverage the lowest priced human translations available without having to worry about setting anything up and with guaranteed accuracy.

  • The Easiest Wordpress Multilingual Plugin - one click and your translations are dispatched in multiple languages
  • The lowest priced human translations with accuracy guarenteed by a world leading multilingual translation company
  • Your own translation portal instance which saves all translations in translation memory and reduces the cost of ongoing translations
  • Easy workflow / approval of translations to ensure you know all costs and the status of all translations

Would you like some proof we are significantly faster and better value?

The charts below show the quoted time (days) and price to deliver a 25 page technical manual from English into the 12 most popular languages (French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Indonesian)


In terms of cost for the same quoted project, our average cost per language was 40% lower than the nearest competitor and 300% less than the most expensive quote.


Straker Translation were a massive 8 times faster than the slowest alternative quote.

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