We should redefine ‘AI’ to stand for ‘Assisted Intelligence’ rather than ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

Two reasons. Firstly, there’s nothing artificial about it. It’s most definitely a thing. 72% of organizations expect to implement AI marketing technologies within the next six to 12 months, according to a new survey by Forrester Consulting and Emarsys.

It’s well-known that those who adopt and adapt early to new technologies win the race – the eCommerce players who are embracing AI are already gaining an edge over their rivals.

AI advancing eCommerce

eCommerce firms will see an inevitable uplift by using AI to develop truly personalized customer experiences, gain a better understanding of customer behavior, and more effective management of real-time interactions across channels.

Secondly and, perhaps most importantly, AI can only succeed with a little help from its human friends.

AI and machine learningWhether applying data to automate warehouse operations or using algorithms to predict what products may appeal to customers, ‘for many retailers, successfully leveraging AI will require partnering with third parties. Because of the barriers involved, employing an in-house strategy can be extremely costly and difficult.’ (Business Insider)

AI central to China growth

China’s State Council released a new three-step plan mid-2017 to make AI central to the country’s economic growth for the next decade. Through government investment, it plans to be the global leader in AI theory, technology, and applications and the world’s major AI innovation center by 2030.

In Canada, the likes of Google and Shopify – plus other 30 corporate partners – have joined forces with provincial governments to advance AI research and drive the Canadian economy.

National investment works

Government investment at a national level and partnerships between technology companies and online retailers will be the primary support mechanisms in developing AI.

Perhaps most exciting of all are the opportunities that AI presents in forging relationships between organizations who ten years ago would never cross paths. It’s an exciting time, and AI is going to change every aspect of our lives – and well beyond eCommerce.


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