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We provide a high quality, great value translation service in Singapore and always ensure your translation will only be done by  translators with proven experience in the subject matter of your original document. We'll supply your translated documents back to you in exactly the same format you gave it to us. This means you'll have a professional translation you can use straight away without any additional cost or time added to the project.



At Straker we provide corporate business translation services to a range of mid-sized and global organizations. With the ability to offer software solutions for multilingual websites and in house translation portals along with highly competitive translation rates we are the ideal business translation partner and have worked with hundreds of clients to get them what they need.


35% of the cost you pay on the average translation job is in project management moving content into and out of workflows - not when using Straker.  We have automated the process of importing and exporting content managing translation jobs using our secure platform. This not only saves you even more money and allows you to easily track its progress and for us to get you your translation back faster.

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In Singapore and need your translation in a hurry? We can provide rapid turnaround translations, even on very large documents using our Transl8 collaborative translation portal. On average translators can get through 3,000-4,000 words per day, using Transl8 translators can get up to 6,000-7,000 words per day and multiple translators can work on larger documents concurrently making it possible to get even very large documents translated within a couple of days.



Translation technology and services are advancing at rapid speed - are you getting left behind with an outdated translation process?

A lot of what goes into making translations faster is in simplifying the translation process. We make getting translations completed fast and easy, with our range of unique, technology enabled solutions.

Website Translation

Looking for a cost-effective and easy way to get your website translated into ? We have website translation technology to simplify the process and still ensure you have quality human translations

Document Translation

Our translation platform supports over 100 different file formats, we can translate MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, XML, XLIFF and many other formats.

InDesign Translation

Our world leading InDesign translation platform even allows for cloud-based in-layout proofreading.

Video Translation

We make it easy for you to get videos and games translated within your timeframe and budget. You will get your video's and games to the market faster through the use of our advanced translation platform.

We Have It Covered

With our pool of over 5000 translators we can select someone with not only the language skills you need but also the content knowledge you are looking for. We have unique systems to select just the right person for the job quickly and easily so you have a translation that speaks directly to your audience. Just let us know what you need and we will match the perfect translator for your content.

Languages in Singapore

There are four official languages, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Malay and Tamil.

English is the language of communication and most people understand it well (although sometimes our accent makes it hard to understand).

Other than that, Chinese is the most spoken. You can hear dialects like Hokkien and Teochew from time to time. Malay is also widely spoken, followed by Tamil.

Thousands of customers have trusted us with their translations

TATUA Co-operative Dairy Company

Translation of packaging labels for dairy products

  • Words: 0
  • Timeframe: Express 48 hours
  • Category: Food Manufacture
  • Source: Arabic
  • Target: English

Translation of a white paper into German and Spanish

  • Words: 2,489
  • Timeframe: Express 48 hours
  • Category: Marketing
  • Source: English
  • Target: German, Spanish (Spain)

Project to translate their product instructions into Quebecois

  • Words: 16,856
  • Timeframe: 14 Days
  • Category: Technical
  • Source: English
  • Target: French (Quebecois)