Integrating translation APIs can help create efficiencies in your business.

You can save time and money by using APIs because they are simple to set up and if you are going to translate, there are no upfront costs.

If a translation company tries to charge you for an API service, then they might not be right for you.
You should only start paying for translations when you upload your first job. Why pay for tech? After all, you’re paying a translation company to give you translations – not the tech behind it.

You can save time and money by using APIs because they are simple to set up and if you are going to translate, there are no upfront costs.

Magento plugins can save you time

If you’re an eCommerce business using Magento, then translations can seem exhausting and confusing. Where to begin? With our extension, for example, you ca

n order translations directly from your Magento Admin.

You can select what you want translated – and be as ‘selective’ or as detailed as you like by just clicking your way through your products ranges. You don’t need to export or import .csv files which can be incredibly time-consuming. This will save you hours in the ordering process because 30% of the time it takes to do translations is wasted on content uploads.

Knowing exactly how long your translations are going to take to reach your supplier helps you to plan product launches and global campaigns. If your translations provider has an online platform where you can see when your content will be ready, is even better! Win, win!

Build your content as you go in WordPress

WordPress is so versatile and as we all know; its strength lies in being able to carry a huge variety of different types of content. This might seem a problem with translations because you’re going to have various bits of content here, there and everywhere. But it’s actually very simple to add to – if your translation agency has Translation Memory.

Translation Memory can store all your previous translations and flag up content that you’ve had translated with your provider previously. If a translator is working on your new job and they come across words that have been translated before, they can be added in automatically.

Save your content, money and time

Now imagine you keep doing this. Your WordPress translations will be completed quicker because there’s layer on layer of previously translated content which will already be translated for the translator.

Plus, you’ll save money because you’ll be paying less for your translations. A decent WordPress translation agency will not charge you for previously translated content.

We have a WordPress plugin which works in the same way as our Magento extension, for easy translation ordering – all from your interface.

As a tech company, we’re specialists in building custom-made plugins which enable you to translate, and manage translations all from your user interface. No more emails, phone calls or upload confusion.

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