managing translationsMedium-sized businesses (let’s say between 250 and 999 employeesshare the same concerns as SMEs and start-ups when it comes to translations.

Medium-sized businesses don’t have a bottomless budget-pit for marketing and sales. So here are three takeaways to consider before even getting your first project underway.

Set a budget and shop around

Scope out the competition and see how your rivals are using translations. If you want to mirror what your rivals are doing, then it’s worth finding out if your preferred agency can do the kind of translations you want. You can also find out if the agency works with other businesses in your industry? (That means they’ll have specialist translators in your sector).

Whos doing the talking?

Do you need an agency local to you? Who in your organization will be contacting the agency most often? Would it be better to go with a supplier who is local to your marketing or sales teams, rather than your head office? Managing translations is easy online, so does it matter if the people who are going to be managing the translations are close to the agency?

Ask the hard questions

Be as specialized as you can. If you need legal translations then it’s no good if the chosen agency is a medical translation specialist. There’s enough of a healthy competition out there to cherry-pick your perfect supplier.

Of course, larger translation companies will have a bigger pool of human translators at their disposal, but double check they can cope with your specialism – and your target languages.

One more thing about trust

It takes time to find an agency you can trust – who’ll take care of it all for you and advise you on what safeguards you need. We’ve got plenty of services to take away all those concerns.


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Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations

By Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Marketing Department at Straker Translations and has promised to cut down on pizza in 2018.




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