You’re looking to use translations to reach new customers. Of course, you expect your chosen translation partner to do a great job translating, and they can help you more than you think.

1) Make sure your translator is an expert in what you sell

Expertize on your market, company and products is so important. It’s easy to spot when a writer doesn’t fully understand your market. This is especially true of legal, medical and technical translations – which rely on a high level of expert and industry-specific terminology and content.

You wouldn’t get a doctor to do your marketing translations, so it makes sense to use only a translator who is a specialist in the field you need.

You may even need to find a new writer and this soaks up even more of your time and budget on rounds of amends. Your translation agency should be using translators who are experts in your field.

2) Don’t rely on your sales team for proof-reading

Accuracy is important in all marketing but until you go global (and can’t proof-read your work) the importance of getting it right doesn’t quite hit home. Before starting translations, always ensure you have someone who can proofread all your translations.

Usually, it’s the sales rep for that region who is the go-to proof-reader. This isn’t the best use of their time or your organization’s because they want to be out selling, not checking translations.

Localization and Translation Services

As it’s your responsibility if the translations aren’t accurate, you could engage a translation company who can provide you with a range of proofreading options within their service.

3) Be brave enough to change your tactics

Using knowledge of your own country is second nature, but what if you had little knowledge of your new markets? A good translator will be able you use their skills to make it appear that all your content is put together in the country to which you’re marketing.

If you’re marketing to China, WeChat is perfect. Heading to Germany? There’s no need to market on LinkedIn as Xing is the business social media of choice. But look out! There are also new rules coming soon on how you can engage with European customers. We wrote about that here.

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